Fun Winter Week at Metsäkartano

Are you and your loved ones looking forward to create a memorable experience full of adventure? Or are you looking for a peaceful getaway in the heart of pure wilderness where you can hear the sound of silence? Or an exciting wilderness environment to have a memorable and fun trip with your school mates?

Discover the unique beauty found in the surrounding nature and feel the crisp snow! Whoever is joining you, there are surely activities perfect for everyone at Metsäkartano. We are happy to help organise an all-inclusive package including an ideal programme for a winter week.

Welcome to spend a whole week at Metsäkartano!
We guarantee a lot of fun moments with your group - and a lot of snow.

Metsäkartano Youth and Wilderness centre is a stunning retreat situated in Finland’s Lakeland region, only 1,5 hours from central Kuopio - located right next to Tiilikkajärvi National Park. Specialising in groups, we provide the perfect setting for a fabulous holiday or a camp adventure.

Check this example itinerary of 7 days!
Or ask us to tailor a programme to meet the needs of your group.

Ask for more information or send an inquiry:

Day 1
Arrival and welcome at Metsäkartano
Orientation to the place
Day 2 to Day 5
Day 6
Day trip in the nearhood or some special programme
Day 7
Breakfast and departure

Metsäkartano Youth Centre
Snow shoeing at Metsäkartano

Our professional team and quality equipment ensure everyone has fun!

Snow shoe trip (or Sliding snowshoe ”Altai ski” trip)
Cross country skiing (or winter hiking)
Wilderness skills
Baking Carelian Pies
Stone jewellery from Finnish soapstone (or felting or ”make your own t-shirt” workshop)
Wall climbing & Archery & Sumo wrestling
Fun olympics
Nature connection activities

There is a lot to do on your own, too:

Sports hall for group activities (incl. equipment like balls etc.)
Disco lobby for camp disco evening
Sledges, kick-sledges, outdoor fire places
Group rooms for group sessions
Equipment Rental

...Just to mention a few examples!

And last but not least: Metsäkartano is practically in the middle of the national park or at least in its armpit - Tiilikkajärvi National Park is now the second largest national park in southern Finland.

Kicksleds at Metsäkartano
Memorable dinner around an open fire

A memorable dinner around an open fire

One of the most memorable moments is a dinner around an open fire - this always comes with nice stories about Metsäkartano and nature around it.

Feel the warmth of the crackling open fire and the magical glow on your skin after walking through the silent forest. After an exciting day full of adventurous activities, come together and relax with your friends with good food and good conversation.

Our professional guide will take you on a journey through the forest to the outdoor cooking hut where your delicious dinner will be waiting for you. Enjoy the walk under the twinkling stars... And if you are lucky you might even see the glorious colours of the Northern Lights!

Would you like to see or do something more or have a day trip?

School visit at the local school centre
Sauna culture and how to enjoy Finnish sauna (incl. dip into the lake)
A day trip in the nearhood
A day trip to the capital of the Eastern Finland Kuopio

Winter week at Metsäkartano
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