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New at Metsäkartano: Tentsiles

Through the cooperation with Metsäkartano Youth Centre and a smaller local company called "Vaarojen Majat", you can now also stay in a tentsile tree tent at Metsäkartano - right next to the Tiilikkajärvi National Park. The tentsiles are situated close to the camping site, and the services of Metsäkartano, offering a view of the Ylä-Keyritty Lake. In addition to hiking, there are various activities available, such as canoeing, frisbee golf, an MTB trail, a beach, and borrowable games.

There are a total of 3 tentsiles, and each can accommodate 1-3 lodgers, meaning there is space for up to 9 people. They are within sight of each other. The Tentsile Stingray tent is suspended between three trees and is about a meter off the ground. There is space underneath the tent for storing gear, and the tent has mosquito netting. The outer fabric provides protection from water, but on clear days, it can be removed to enjoy the view from the tent.

Pets are not allowed in tentsile accommodation.
Smoking and all forms of open flame are strictly prohibited near the tentsiles.
We do not recommend using vaporizing insecticides (such as Thermacell and Ryobi), as their active ingredients are highly harmful to the environment.

Metsäkartano Youth Centre tentsiles
Metsäkartano Youth Centre tentsiles camping site

Close to Facilities

Tentsile tree tents are located near Metsäkartano camping site, making it easy to access the campsite's service buildings, including toilets, showers, and a kitchen facility. In practice, the accommodation site and the campsite are separated only by a forest trail. Additional services such as meals and rental equipment, as well as a small shop, are also available nearby, as the main building of Metsäkartanor is just a short walk away (approximately 200 m along the forest trail). The swimming/sandy beach is also just a short distance away, and rental saunas are available from the same beach. You can leave your car parked at the campsite. The sleeping pad and other equipment will be obtained from the reception during check-in.

We operate according to sustainable principles (Green Key, Sustainable Travel Finland, Social Enterprise), so we expect responsible behavior from our customers, too: please take care of the cleanliness and well-being of the tentsile, its related equipment, and the surrounding nature!

We recommend tentsile guests to arrive no later than 6:00 PM, so that moving to the tents can be done safely and with sufficient natural light. (Having a personal headlamp is a recommended accessory.) The reception of Metsäkartano is open until 8:00 PM, after which arrival is not possible.

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Book a Tentsile!

Price 100.00 EUR / day (1 tentsile = 1-3 persons).

The price includes accommodation in one tentsile (1-3 persons), an insulating sleeping pad (provided at the reception), and the use of the camping site's service buildings, including toilets, showers, and the kitchen facility. Available for loan: first aid supplies and a tent lamp (provided at the reception). Inside the tent, you'll find a broom and dustpan for sweeping away debris.

Additional services: meals at the main building, equipment rental, sauna.
As additional equipment, you can also rent (book in advance!): extra sleeping pad + sleeping bag + pillow + bedsheet (25.00 EUR), and towels (5.00 EUR). All equipment must be returned in the same condition as they were received - please always inform the reception if something is not in order or if you have any concerns! The tents will not be cleaned separately, but the condition of the fastenings will be regularly checked by the maintenance staff of Metsäkartano. NOTE! Please do not adjust the fastenings/lines between the tent and trees by yourself!

Metsäkartano Youth Centre tentsile guests
Metsäkartano Youth Centre tentsile

Equipment tips for Tentsile lodgers

The price includes tentsile accommodation and an insulating sleeping pad, so please bring a sleeping bag, a sheet for the sleeping bag, a pillow, and an extra sleeping pad if needed (the tent's own insulating sleeping pad is soft, so you might want additional support underneath) as well as towels - of course, you can also rent these from us as an additional service (book in advance!).

Please bring sufficient extra clothing, as the Finnish summer and autumn can surprise you with cold weather - and sometimes with heat or mosquitoes! A beanie, woolen socks, warm clothing, and rain gear are good recommendations. For warm and sunny days, bring a swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent - swim shoes are also a good addition for swimmers/sauna-goers. A personal headlamp is a recommended accessory.

Metsäkartano is located by the lake Ylä-Keyritty, so bringing your own stand-up paddleboard is a good idea - you can also rent them from us if you don't have one. There is a challenging mountain biking route around the same lake, so mountain bikers should definitely bring their own mtbs!

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