Adventurous Winter Activities

Outdoor and nature activities are at the heart of our programmes - and there is something suitable for everyone!

Cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, altai skiing (sliding snow shoeing), winter fishing, ice curling, fun camp olympics, team building, problem solving and a lot more.
Be sure to include the traditional campfire cooking - may it be marshmallows, sausages or a full meal.
After all the fun, warm up with an authentic Finnish sauna and cool down with a dip in the lake... or even making angels in the snow!

What would your dream holiday experience include?

Snow shoe trip through the forest

Explore the natural world around you

The pure Finnish forests and lakes are international gems. At Metsäkartano, you only need to step out the front door to enter the pristine nature.

With the help of our trained guides, you can discover all the flora and fauna, and even wildlife, that makes the forests come alive. Follow the footprints left in the snow by critters big and small - count how many you can find!

You can even leave your own footprints in the snow with the quality snow shoes we provide for you, but be sure to bundle up warm just like the forest critters.

Snow shoeing at Metsäkartano
Sliding snow shoeing at Metsäkartano

Sliding snow shoe trip on powder snow

What do you get when you put together a ski and a snow shoe? A sliding snow shoe!

Roam through the terrain wherever your heart takes you - up hills, down valleys and even over frozen lakes towards the horizon. Create your own path with only the sound of your sliding snow shoes crunching through the fresh powdery snow.

We can provide all the equipment and guide to get you started, and later you can even go explore the wilderness on your own.

Cross country skiing on maintained tracks

Ever wondered why skiing is so popular?

Everyone from beginners to professionals can enjoy gliding at high speeds and working all your muscles, making it exhilarating and excellent excercise.

Our trained instructors and quality equipment help you get started with the right foot forward... or in this case the right boot and ski.

After learning the basics, explore which tracks and terrain are your choice of the day. Looking to challenge yourself? Wanting to simply enjoy the landscape and fresh air? Both are possible!

Cross-country skiing at Metsäkartano
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