Safety and Security at Metsäkartano

We are committed to ensuring everybody's safety and well-being while at Metsäkartano.
Metsäkartano has a complete safety plan according to Finnish law as well as safety instructions and guidelines for all our activities.
Our professional staff is trained to handle a variety of possible situations, including first aid.

General safety instructions

In case of emergencies, call 112!
Metsäkartano's address: Metsäkartanontie 700, Rautavaara

There must be a dedicated person from each visiting group who is responsible for safety.
This person can be chosen before or upon arrival at Metsäkartano.
Each group's safety leader will receive information from Metsäkartano staff.
Please note that Metsäkartano staff is not on site 24 hours a day (no night security).
Metsäkartano's opening hours

In case of emergencies, there is always a landline phone available to call 112 in front of Metsäkartano's reception and main building.
There is also a first aid kit and a defibrillator at the reception.

For information about poisonous substances in nature, please check:

If there is a fire, the automatic smoke detectors will sound a fire alarm.
Everyone must exit all buildings and wait outside for the fire department to secure the area.
Please carefully read the operating instructions for all facilities, equipment, and appliances (including saunas, fire places, washing machines) OR ask staff for more information.
NOTE! It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to dry clothes or other objects in the saunas due to fire hazards!

In case your front door is locked and you do not have your key, first check all other doors and windows.
Then check if the reception is open and staff can open your door.
During the night time or when no staff are present, a lock smith must be called (+358 50 565 8624) to open the door.
A fee of 150,00 EUR is charged for the service.
There is always an unlocked room located at the end of the "Savotta" activity building in case of emergencies (e.g. locked outdoors in winter).

Metsäkartano's Safety Instructions for Safety Leaders

Information Check List

Know fire extinguisher locations.
Review the general safety instructions.
Ensure building vacancy in case of fires and alarms.
Ensure correct usage of facilities, equipment, and appliances.
Ensure proper fire safety inside and in the wilderness, and be aware of forest fire alerts / warnings.
Ensure smoking only at designated locations and proper disposal of cigarette butts.
A fee of 200,00 EUR is charged for setting off fire alarms due to carelessness.

Terms and Conditions

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