Exciting Summer Activities

Outdoor and nature activities are at the heart of our programmes - and there is something suitable for everyone!

SUP boarding, swimming, canoeing, hiking, biking, basket climbing, archery, swamp soccer, fun camp olympics, team building, problem solving and a lot more, even combining your favourite activities.
Be sure to include the traditional campfire cooking - may it be marshmallows, sausages or a full meal.
After all the fun, warm up with an authentic Finnish sauna and cool down with a dip in the lake... or even a cannonball!

What would your dream holiday experience include?

Refreshing Canoeing Journey

Glide on the lake or paddle down the river as you make your way to a secluded island for a well-deserved break.

We can provide all the equipment and professional guide to get you started - who can also reveal the mysterious aquatic ecosystem and its critters. After learning the basics, choose a destination and set out on your own journey.

Metsäkartano Youth Centre canoeing
Parkour at Metsäkartano

Forest Parkour - in the Air!

Jump, flip, climb and balance your way through our nearby outdoor parkour arena. What kind of stunts can you pull off?

Professional parkour athletes can teach you how to do the moves safely and get the highest air. Practise the moves whenever you want in the natural environment around you - back in the city or the forest!

Explore the great outdoors

At Metsäkartano, pristine nature and various types of terrain are only a metre away, or a short trip to the national parks. Would you prefer a leisurely stroll around the lake or rugged hike through the hills?

With the help of our trained guides, you can discover all the flora and fauna, and even wildlife, that makes the forests come alive. You can even use our camping gear to spend the night under the twinkling stars - or experience the unforgettable midnight sun at Midsummers.

Metsäkartano Youth Group Biking

Biking at its best

Take hold of the handle bars as you speed around the swerves and curves through the landscape. Ride along the shore or to one of the many impressive nearby landmarks.

Or maybe you want to pull out all the tricks? Jump and pump along our forest-themed pump track where everyone from beginners to professionals can test their limits.

You can bring your own bike or use ours, and have a guided tour or explore the surroundings on your own.

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