School Camp or camp school

Youth Centre Metsäkartano is one of the biggest school camp organisers in Finland. Our facilities with the accommodation, meals, versatile activities, and youth work professionals welcome you to spend your school camp in the middle of the secure and unspoiled wilderness. With our almost 40 years long experience, we can tailor an unforgettable programme for your group.

Local and foreign schools are welcome to spend an awesome time here with us. We always include outdoor and nature activities to our program, because we believe it will create more interest among young people. Nature offers empowering moments for all ages, we hope to inspire teachers as well!

School camp, camp school, school trip, school expedition - you name it!

We Love Camp School!

It allows classmates to experience living together and learning from their surroundings. To do so, we use the Progressive Education method that consists of emphasising on learning by doing, teamwork, collaborative problem-solving, development of lifelong learning and social skills.

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All year round - active camp schools

We guarantee an active camp school of complete service with expertise. We invite your group to enjoy unforgettable and splendid experiences in the forest. Our youth professionals like to tailor a program for groups based on their wishes, need, specificities. The length of it may vary from one day up to many weeks.
Canoeing, hiking, biking, basket-climbing, archery, wall-climbing, swamp soccer, team building, funny camp olympics, problem solving, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, altai skiing (sliding snow shoeing), winter fishing, ice curling, wilderness cooking, sauna bathing and a lot more.
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Metsäkartano winter fun camp school
Metsäkartano school camps
You can have an adventure of your own. Take your backpack, a map and there you go! A comfortable room and a comforting meal are waiting for you at the end of the day.
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